Guelph Kitchen Renovation

Guelph Kitchen Renovation

About the Project

In a Kitchener apartment building owned by large corporation Journey Renovations does a lot of work

for, it’s our job to update rental units as they become vacant. This blog is about one of those kitchens

we have recently renovated.

We demo the existing kitchen by removing the counter tops, sink, dishwasher, and other appliances,

cupboards and flooring. Right after demo our electrician comes in to replace or install new receptacles

and wiring for the microwave and the dishwasher.

Then we build bulkheads around the entire kitchen. A bulkhead is a fake or pretend box that comes

down from the ceiling to meet the top of the new cupboards that are going to be installed. Without a

bulkhead, the upper cabinets would be too high to access.

Next we repair all the holes in ceiling and walls (often re drywall is required where its not possible to

patch ) We install new flooring (in this case 2’ x 2’ porcelain tiles) then in go the cabinets and we also

bring in a granite supplier to install the new counter tops and sink. The last sub contractor in is the

plumber who installs new taps and drains. The last big portion of the job entails applying the new

back splash, grout and sealing it. For finishing touches we freshly paint the entire kitchen.

The smallest finishing touches are cabinet and door hardware, receptacles and cover plates.

You can see from the pictures that the before and after are very different and the building owners and

property managers are very happy with Journey’s work, which in turn makes us very happy.

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