Meet the Team: Shaker

Shaker is one of Journey Renovations’ lead assistant hands. Shaker has been working in renovations for a few years now. He got his start through a friend who owned a small renovations company. He later came to Journey Renovations through a recommendation from one of our lead hands.

Shakers believes his best skills are painting and sanding. He likes painting because its relatively clean work, it’s a quick refresher for a tired home, and the final result is a quick accomplishment that make a big difference. Few would argue with that.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Shaker likes framing least, at this point in his renovations career, he has trouble visualizing the finished product, and this makes the work seem endless.

What Shaker likes best about working for Journey Renovations is that every day is different, the jobs change all the time, and Shaker feels the hours are good. Straight days, Monday to Friday.

When not working at journey, Shaker’s hobbies include going to the gym, martial arts (he has black belt in Tae kwon do) riding his motor cycle. Shaker goes to the gym most days of the week for two hours!

When asked what makes him unique Shaker exclaimed “Everything about me is unique!” Can’t help, but agree with you Shaker.

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