Meet the Team: Jarred Munro

As one of Journey’s long time employees, Jarred Munro is a valued lead hand team member.

Jarred was 20 when he started doing renovations on houses. He started by assisting family members and friends of the family. He has recently entirely re-built his parent cottage. It was a full gut (complete demo and rebuild).

Jarred feels his best skill is carpentry and he likes to work with wood. It’s also his favourite type of work. When the job is done the result is motivating. It’s a type of work that’s its easy to take pride in.

As much as he likes to work with wood, his least favorite work is sanding. It’s tedious. Jarred feels he is a focused worker, and this can also make a mundane chore feel more mindless.

Jarred came to Journey Renovations through an ad to hire employees. He is one of the few staff members to have been recruited this way.

What Jarred likes most about working at Journey Renovations is that he is given his independence, no one stands looking over his shoulder for the day.

Jarred owns his own home in Kitchener and completes renovations there regularly. As soon as he is finished, he starts up another huge set of renovations. It’s a bit of a hobby. That hobby takes a sideline though to building aquariums, and running them. Jarred has a LARGE salt water aquarium. Jarred also rides a motorcycle, and loves to go fishing, (3 times a week after work!)

Varied hobbies, and a job that allows him to apply his many talents. To Jarred these are some of life’s good things. We’re glad he feels that way, and we are happy he’s part of our team.

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