Meet the Staff – Justin

Meet the staff – Justin De Long

Justin was 21 when started doing renovations (about 8 years ago) He started working with a family friend who had a flooring company. Before Justin left the small business had begun to do home renovations as well as flooring. 
Justin feels his best skill is – no surprise – flooring!! He also thinks he excels at baseboard and trim. Justin doesn’t like repetitive work. Any kind of repetitive is work is a least favorite. 
Justin likes to problem solve and he likes to work in older buildings where he has to think mathematically about issues – like – no straight lines. Justin have we got a building for you!! 
What Justin likes most about working for Journey Renovations is that Paul trusts the guys, he leaves them to do their work, and doesn’t interfere.- until required. He also likes that supplies and materials are always on the job site. Justin says his coworkers are great and really easy guys to work with. Justin feels he is a hard worker ( we agree!)

Justin’s hobbies are fishing and playing with the kids. Justin has 2 daughters and he likes to play physically .
We recently had a staff family party where Justin proved that indeed, his hobby is playing with the kids. Justin and the 4 year olds had a fun time!!!

Thanks Justin for your contributions to the Journey Renovations team !!

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