Jamie is Journey’s newest lead assistant. Jamie started renovations the same way Paul did, with his dad.
Jamie’s dad owned a renovations company when Jamie was young and he tagged along on days when
we wasn’t in school. Jamie’s dad had a fairly big crew so Jamie was indoctrinated to all the usual
construction environment when he was about 14.

Today Jamie feels his best skills are drywall and mudding. He thinks he’s getting better with tiling, that is
a skill that requires experience.
Jamie’s least favorite skill on the job is thin set mortar (for gluing tiles down) He doesn’t like it because
its so very messy ( it is )and Jamie says it “dries his hands right out “. Jamie likes to do the vinyl flooring
we have been putting in the apartment units we are working on because it looks great when it’s done
and he gets a relatively quick result.

Jamie says he likes working for Journey Renovations because he gets opportunities to be creative and he
feels accomplished at the end of the day. He also likes the consistency of the work (he’s right, we have
NEVER laid off an employee) He also likes paid lunch and coffee breaks and he has an appreciation for
the drug and dental plan.

In his spare time, Jamie likes to COOK! He also like sot bake. He prides himself on the presentation of the
meal also. He likes to make different ethnic food. Another hobby Jamie has is building and fixing
computers, he’s that guy in family that everyone brings their hard ware issues to. He also likes to make
electronic music, and he DJ’d his way through high school.

That all sounds really kewl to us at Journey, and we’d let Jamie cook for us anytime especially because
he talked about grill lines for presentation of meal purposes.
Thanks for the interview Jamie. It was fun learning all these new things about you.

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