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There are times in every busy renovations company that services of other subcontractors must be used.
Some of our subcontractors do the work that we don’t have employees for. We don’t have full time
plumber or electrician on staff, so we subcontract that work out.

As we have a limited number of employees, many months we find ourselves requiring assistance and we
hire renovations subcontractors. We have tiling subcontractors, we have a painting company who offers
great services and we “sub out” our granite work and our hardwood flooring.
We have hired numerous sub contractors over the years and we have made the mistakes and learned
the lessons. In the last few years though, we have managed to put together a great team of
subcontractors and today we are here to ring their bells.

We use the services of Boulet Electrical Contracting for our electrical work. George Boulet is a master
electrician and owns a smaller company these days having had a lot of staff in the past, George prefers
now to keep things close to the vest, and he does most of the work himself. George lives in Cambridge
and works in the tri cities area, George is actually a past employer of Paul’s.

Jackson and Associates do most of our painting. Pat and her husband Jim have been painting contractors
for many years. Pat is an interior designer and she also is a GREAT wall paper installer. Jackson and
Associates usually has 2 or 3 employees. They work out of New Dundee and also work mainly in the tri
cities area.

Rain Tree Flooring is our sub out for flooring. Andre is our flooring guy. He does our parquet, and
refinishing of all hardwood flooring for us. He also installs new hardwood flooring. Andre does great
work for a fair price in good time. It always looks so much better when Andre is finished his portion of
the work.

Natural Stone City are our granite guys. They do all our granite counter-top installations, great bunch of
really big guys, and the company owner is John. John carries really fabulous styles of granite collecting
rock from all over the world at his showroom on Ottawa St. in Kitchener.

AAA Bathtub out of Mississauga finishes our tubs for us. Ali comes all the way to Guelph to help us with
our tub refinishing. He does good work and has never let us down on a deadline.

Saturn Sales and Service out of Hespeler make all of our cabinets and they put together our counter tops
also. We went through a lot of cabinet suppliers before we found this great fit.

Our go to renovations sub contractor team is Eco Green, owned by Dennis and in business since 2012.
Dennis and his staff do great work for a pair price, and they always meet a dead line! Dennis has 2
employees, Emma and Shawn.

This list is far from complete, we have hired out many different types of work – gas, plumbing, carpets,
stair railings, cement work and aluminum guys to go with our interior and exterior renovations. Also
Fireplace installers, roofers, garage door specialists, furnace and boiler specialists, so many different
professionals. It makes sense for a company to hire subcontractors in many cases. The subcontractors
are specialists, and they have the required equipment and properly trained staff to do the job right and
fast. It brings our clients a seamless and timely job, with pros working on every aspect of their

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