Deck Cover 2018

Our Guelph client wanted a roof over his existing back deck in order to enjoy the outdoors even in
inclement weather.
We measured it all up, purchased the lumber and set to work, while completing our job, we found
rotted support posts that needed repair or replacement, and we did this too.
It rained quite a bit that week, which made going a little slippery but we kept up in order to finish on
time. Unfortunately the rain packed the sawdust bits in to the crevasses between the existing deck
floors, this made clean up an awful job.
Then we finished the roof with polycarbonate roofing panels. . This material has sun protection built
right in.
We added outdoor hydro with the assistance of sub contractor Boulet electrical contractors, once the
power was there, we put in lights and an overhead fan.
We have a very happy client!! He feels we added to his living space for 3 seasons a year, which in fact, is
just what did happen.

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